Tuesday, May 02, 2006

huddles `neath secular halo

But please dear reader, do not take this as mere kindle to mark the time. We can do better. Huddled around together we may make something of our phantoms, and show compassion to those who are afflicted by strains we do not seem to possess. I wish you strength, even as it is your journey alone. But as you fill your emptiness remember that others do to. Alas, remembering is such a hard thing. Essences, deceits, our mothers’ favorite vase all shatter slowly like we can prevent[1] it, scattering broken bits[2] in our mind, and we piece them back with little fancies of description, together.

[1] If only our superhuman powers would come already—freeze time, suspend gravity, and grab the vase in mid-air.
[2] Some seem too sharp to touch, like the word truth or culture. It would be easier in science fiction.


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