Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I. encountering/ King Lear & Artemiza

Now from bird’s eye
Conflict provides the winged words of virtue:
That forlorn plot exiled
And growing without time chatter
Until the island acquires sails
The poison of the spotlight strikes our noble savage
With rumors of Aphrodite, frightening the very subject
Who merely conceives herself:
An apron woman intact with vegetable garden
And nature-made means
Feeling hostile to a gaze asks: ‘who is it that can tell me who I am?’
In like time or taste so returns that artistic patriarch willing his escape
Soiling the steadiness
But in complimenting our heroine’s simplicity
Actually, first storms the affinity, late arrives the elective signs to perch
Accurately now: drawn to a radiance while forgetting to blink
Her naked bathing equips him—
‘free from the gnawing cares of seeking and getting’
But in his pupil she spots her reflection
And crumbles with stolen spirit, suffering the death of his salvation
The chorus beseeches:
He is blind to the larger eyeless rage
While she tears at his white hairs
He calls her the wind, so proving the heavens just
But such an angled man, deformed in self-denial, we cannot trust
For without Necessity he lacks a guide
And plays with shapes: casting off Leviathan for alchemy
But such a move, alas, his power gives distrust
Thrust from her peace to stale air
She suffocates, at his whim, that arbitrary box
Her only friends, those dark shadows, Dionysian clocks
She makes them into daughters and begins her miserable reign
The phoenix again ascends to morning’s warning: the ego topples
But falling now in dream she hits the sea
Her island lost in proclivity
Fright murmurs: refuge in throne
Again, the throws of superflux are staged


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